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Just Give Them What They Want!

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Just Give Them What They Want!

-By Daegan Smith

(c)Daegan Smith - All Rights reserved


I'm sure you won't disagree with this…

The easiest way to make money in any business is to just
give people what they want. I don't mean literally give it
to them. I mean if you offer people what they want they WILL
buy it from you.

It's a simple formula that's been around since the beginning
of time and it never fails. Why? Because if you're giving
people what they want then you're simply the gatekeeper.
You're just the person standing between them and whatever it
is they want.

You don't have to sell anything to people in this situation.
In fact, they've already sold themselves. As long as the
price is right you're guaranteed to make a profit.

Let me tell you a little story to illustrate exactly what I

I went to my first Washington Nationals Baseball game
recently and it was a great experience. The weather was
nice. The beer was cold. Most importantly, the National won.
So, it was a good day.

I notice a few things on this excursion that apply directly
to the topic at hand. First, with the Nationals being such a
new team, I noticed there was certainly a great deal of
exhilaration in the air. Everyone was eager and excited to
adopt this new team as there own. Second, I noticed that
there was large number of booths selling Nationals
paraphernalia. The booths were ready and waiting to give the
fans exactly what they wanted.

Guess the result?

At EVERY booth I saw many fans adopting their new team by
buying Nationals paraphernalia. It didn't mater if the booth
was just a table with some hats on it or if the booth was an
elaborate set up with everything from jerseys to baby
bottles - ALL the booths had fans buying something from

Why didn't matter how elaborate the "sales" format was?
Because the fans new what they wanted and when they saw it
they bought it. It's that simple. In fact, as I sit here
writing to you I'm wearing a Nationals hat myself!

So what are they takeaways?

As long as you can find an audience that is hungry for what
you have you can't fail to make money. Know who you're
marketing to well enough to know what they want. Then just
give it to them!

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