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How to Evaluate Job Offers and Zoom In On the Right Opportunity for You
Youíve been successful in your job hunt and have received a job offer. Maybe you received more than one offer. Thatís great. The next question is, how do you evaluate an offer to see if it is the right one for you? Letís look at some real answers. ...
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Top 5 FAQs about Job Hunting Online


Looking for work online is an efficient way to search but it's not always the perfect solution to find a job. Chris Russell, President & Founder of the local job site FairfieldCountyJobs.com discusses the most commonly asked questions he hears from jobseekers.

1. I submitted my resume online but how do I know it was received?

Chances are you won't. This is perhaps the biggest gripe jobseekers have today about applying online. If a person emails his/her resume the company might have an email auto responder set up to reply back that it was received. But the majority of companies fail to do this. In cases like this it's important to try and follow up with the company if possible.

2. If the date posted on a job is more than a few weeks old should I still apply for it?

Absolutely yes! There is no way to tell if the job has been filled. Chances are it still is open because hiring cycles can drag out for weeks as busy recruiters sift through resume piles and manage a variety of other tasks. When in doubt, always apply.

3. Why do companies post a "confidential" ad?

They do this for a number of reasons the 2 main ones being that they don't want their current employees to know they are looking for someone who might replace them or they don't want to let other companies know they are hiring for a certain position for competitive reasons.

4. How do I convert my resume from a Word document (.doc) to a text file (.txt)?

If you have a resume designed in Microsoft Word, Choose "Save As" from the File Menu. Choose "Text Only with Line Breaks" in the dialog box menu. Format your text version to your liking. Much of your existing formatting will be lost but you can use symbols like ***** or -------- to provide lines and bullets.

5. I can't find any contact information other than an email address, what do I do?

Visit the company's website to find an address or fax number. You could also try calling them and asking the receptionist for a fax number to the human resources department.

About the Author

Prior to launching SecretsoftheJobhunt.com Mr. Russell has been actively involved the career & job search industry as a resume writer and currently as an online job board manager of AllCountyjobs.com LLC.


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