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Three steps you need to know to improve your learning and have better grades.


"I'm a failure" "I'll never make it."
That's the kind of affirmation we hear people say. To
overcome this feeling of worthlessness you need to make 3
little steps that will help you discover the genius within

1. You need to motivate yourself.

First of all, remember that great people learned a basic and
essential quality you need to acquire: persistence. Very
successful people failed many times, like most of us. But
they get up right away and they begin again and again until
they eventually succeed.

We can motivate ourselves by seeing the result in our mind
as if it has already occurred. Feel what you would feel if
you have better grades. Name this feeling.
Amplify this feeling until it becomes very pleasant. Now,
you are going to add some new feelings upon this first
feeling. Do you remember a time when you were really excited
about something? When you have this excitemant in you,
add it to the first very pleasant feeling as if you put a
coat of excitement over the coat of 'very pleasant state'.
Let this feeling of excitement diffuse in you and notice how
you feel.

Notice how feel very motivated, calm and confident.
And for a moment, you know that you will succeed
in school. But something holds you back. You need to make
this second step....

2. You need to get rid of the beliefs that hold you back

Consider the law of belief: whatever you believe becomes
your reality. Once you understand and appropriate this
belief in yourself, you discover that you can do many things
and especially have better grades.

Throughout your life you learn. It's a never-ending process.
School is just the beginning of this process with its
special rules and rewards, which can sometimes seem unfair.

You begin to change by being aware that you are a potential
genius and that you CAN do better and you WILL. What do you
learn from having bad grades? Consider that it is an
opportunity to learn. And most important, it's a chance to
learn that you're not the problem; it's only your
strategies. That's why you need to take the last lesson...
You need to learn how to learn

3. You need new strategies.

If something doesn't work, do something else. First, be
aware of your learning style. Are you visual, auditory,
kinesthetic? Remember that you have multiple intelligences
and when you use them as much as possible you increase your
chances of having better results.

Have the end in mind. Act as if you already had the
solution. Now you only need to fill in the blanks. If you
already know where to go, your brain will help you find the
solutions. Use mind maps, movement and imagination.
Learning how to learn is a necessity for children and adults
to perform better in life.

These three steps are important to succeed in school. One
step takes care of your beliefs, another of your emotions
and the other one of your strategies to have better grades
and to perform better in life.

About the Author

Emmanuel SEGUI
Author of "Moving from Vision to Action"
NLP master-practitioner and neuro-semantics practitionner.

STOP having average grades and discover how you can
empower your learning and your life through NLP
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