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Preschool Spanish


Why an EarlyAGE 2nd Language?

Research indicates that from ages 1 through 8 is the best time to introduce a new language to a child. If the 2nd language is introduced early in life children will learn it faster and retain it longer. Being exposed to a 2nd language offers numerous benefits to young children including an improved ability to communicate, better cognitive development, richer cultural awareness, improved academic performance, superior educational opportunities and, ultimately, better jobs. The earlier a child is exposed to a 2nd language the more likely they will speak it with native pronunciation. One recent study found that bilingual children learn to read sooner than their single language counterparts, have increased creative skills and become proficient problem solvers. Another study indicated that bilingual children also performed better on math and verbal sections of standardized tests than single language children. Perhaps these are just a few of the reasons that teaching Spanish is becoming popular in many childcare centers and preschools.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the most widely requested 2nd language for the following reasons:

·Over 27 million homes in the United States have Spanish as their 1st language
·There are over 42 million Hispanic people living in the United States
·Many companies are seeking bilingual (English/Spanish) employees
·Learning Spanish allows communication with over 300 million people worldwide
·Spanish is closely related to the English language and is relatively easy to learn

How to Get Started?

Here are two excellent contacts for preschool Spanish education:

·www.bocabeth.com A great source for colorful flashcards, CD’s, DVD’s and more methods to introduce the preschooler to Spanish.
·www.spanishfun.net A Franchisor providing EarlyAGE 2nd language activities introducing preschoolers to Spanish basics including numbers, colors and everyday words.

About the Author

Bob Lasseter is the Founder of SpanishFUN with over 15 years experience in providing Preschool edcuational activities.
1-877-SPANFUN (772-6386)


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