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Abstract: Modern science has drifted too far from the common sense in a domain of paradoxes. The result is incomplete picture of big bang created universe from exploding singularity that makes seen as elementary particles to fly away from each other and somehow to come together in elements that do this big mystery once again and so on. The structure buildup in the big bang universe is uncertain and contradicts to the observed similarity between the near most distant cosmos. Nature is fundamentally interconnected – everything comes from something else. The theory of interaction is about the pattern of coming, which is the elusive mode of creation. It shows how the bodies come from their discovered sources in a self-consistent way that does not contradict to their existence. Everything originates from something else. We came from the crust of the Earth. How did this crust originate? No one has seen or proven. Reality is made of finite, not arbitrary large or small, sources of unifying interaction. Then the deep question is how to make it finite, how to build it from finite sources of interaction. The theory of interaction is based on the structure of reality, which was discovered from spacecraft observations. It shows that every body does the same at scales of its own. There is functional uniformity, which is the logic of creation from which the common sense originates. The discovered existing and unique firework universe is made of multiscale nuclei, called protobodies or sources of unifying interaction. The smaller are ejected from the revealed finite larger ones. What we see as space, time and everything else is created from found multiscale sources of unifying interaction. The found multiscale sources of unifying interaction simply account for structure buildup at all scales and for the essential laws and principles of the classical and quantum theories.

The discovered expansions and contractions of the magnetosphere suggest 3D spirally faster inward moving structure of magnetic interaction. The found out structure of one seen as a fundamental, i.e. irreducible to simpler parts, interaction takes us directly into the structure of the universe. The theory of interaction shows how the revealed structure of one fundamental interaction undergoes transformations that account for the four seen as fundamental interactions – electromagnetic, gravitational, weak and strong. The theory of interaction describes the found structure of reality as it evolves in everything else excluding way.

The most basic and in this sense final discovery is that we live in a firework universe where every building block of basic matter is ejected from its finite 3D spirally oscillating source. Therefore the code of the universe is a hierarchical 3D spiral structure that folds and unfolds in something like a never ending cosmic turbulence. The larger swirls oscillate and eject smaller similar ones and so create the structure of reality accounting for everything that exists. The understanding of the universe is crucial for human progress because it is shown that life is a cosmic interaction that occurs at atomic scales.

Everything indicates its existence by certain interaction. Hence everything is interaction, one basic substance, whose mode of building the finite sources of reality is revealed. The book Theory of Interaction the Simplest Explanation of Everything takes you on amazing journey into the depths of reality. What does it mean something to exist? This question is considered and answered in shocking simplicity with pictures that show the structure of reality. The all-explaining theory of interaction becomes more and more indispensable after each confusing observation in the distant and near universe, the ambient space and the micro world.

Every body is ejected from and moves around its source. All bodies move around the oscillating source of the firework universe that thus remains always finite and casts away similar sources of unifying interaction that do the same. The newly born firework universe was made of multiscale bright blue stars. The smaller were ejected from the larger ones and moved around their sources. The cooling of this firework universe created the cosmic microwave background radiation and its structure. The smaller stars cooled and created what we now see as planets and their planetary like moons. A huge quantity of light elements was ejected in the cosmic space during the star creation when stars were cast away from the galactic nuclei. This accounts for the observed prevailing abundance of H and He in the universe. The heavier elements should be found closer to their sources. That is why they are found within the planets and stars.

Every body comes from and later ends on its source. The forms of life come from and end on the Earth's crust. The atomic matter of the planets and stars comes from the stellar type nuclei in their centers where the atomic nuclei originate. The atomic matter of the planets and stars ends on its collapsing sources in what is observed as supernovas. Supernova like explosion of a planet created the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Every body comes from its expanding source and ends when it collapses (contracts). A living creature comes from and ends on the Earth's surface. The Earth's crust came from the discovered huge Earth's nucleus, which is in the center of our planet. The collapse of the source of the crust will annihilate most of it. Every body is annihilated by the collapse of its source. It can be a form of life or the universe as whole. It collapses on its source toward a new similar creation - a new firework universe or a new living creature similar to the previous one.

The logic of creation is simple. Every body comes from its expanding and later ends on its contracting source. This process occurs at scales of its own thus creating the finite and oscillating sources of reality that seek to self-organize, synchronize to unfold. The theory of interaction studies the discovered all-explaining 3D-spirally-faster-inward oscillating pattern of expansion and contraction that builds the texture of reality – its 3D-spiral code.

A reader may wonder why I am telling so much about the universe unfolding rather than urging him to buy the book Theory of Interaction the Simplest Explanation of Everything. It is because the true knowledge about the workings of the world has to be disseminated for free. One may pay only for the deeper insights that can be gained from reading the book and for the comfort of having the final truth about creation in one’s bookshelf.

The texture of reality is revealed. It is proven in terms accessible for general reader that:

1) The discovered existing and unique Savov's firework universe has the shape of a galaxy with a hyper huge nucleus in its center. It contracts and expands and thus accumulates its environment and ejects smaller similar basic blocks that do the same and so on. In this way the finite sources of reality are created.
2) Savov's firework universe is made of finite multiscale nuclei, called protobodies or sources of unifying interaction whose inner parts move faster and so become denser, visible and harder. It is shown how they become hard enough to create the firm ground beneath our feet. Think about the self-consistency of what you are reading here. Can this self-consistency come from elsewhere but the revealed fabric of reality – its intrinsic logic?
3) The larger basic bricks oscillate. Thus they accumulate their environment and eject smaller similar ones that also do the same. This universal behavior shows up in everything at its scales, e.g. in a jellyfish that contracts and expands, feeds and creates offspring.
4) Everything moves around its source. That is why stars originate from the galactic nuclei and move around them, the planets are ejected from the just born stars and the atoms come from the centers of stars, planets and planetary like satellites and keep the interiors of these space bodies hot.
5) We live on the surface of a huge nucleus called Earth. The huge nucleus ejects new atoms in the Earth's center. The pumping of new atoms in the center of the Earth makes its interior hot, accounts for volcanic activity and increases the Earth's radius. This process tore the prehistoric Pangea landmass to what became modern continents. The increase of the Earth's radius leads to increase of the length of day as the aging huge nucleus drives slower its growing thicker atomic shell. Every body slows down with aging due to depletion of its source - no matter if it is a planet or a form of life. The found outer structure of the discovered Earth's huge nucleus tugs us inward to the Earth's surface. This creates what we see as gravitation of our planet. Think about the self-consistency of what you have just read! Can this self-consistency come from elsewhere but from the discovered logic of interaction which the logic of creation?
6) The aging light interacts with the basic matter of its environment and so loses energy like the discovered nucleus of the earth due ejection of smaller one's from its structure. In this way it becomes redward shifted. The comic redshift is an aging and hence tired light.
7) We are made of atomic size stars not from stardust and the big bang paradigm discarding problems associated with it. The atoms that build us came directly from the innermost core of the Earth. Planets were small stars in their youth that cooled as they grow older. It is much more romantic to live on the surface of a small cooled star, called Earth, and to be made of atomic size stars rather than to have stardust in your veins.
8) The firework universe oscillates. Thus it remains always finite and ejects smaller sources of interaction that similarly eject even smaller ones and so on. In this way light and heavy elements are born everywhere as the found unifying interaction runs downhill because the discovered finite basic bricks ejected smaller ones. So the revealed code of reality predicts that light and heavy elements should be found everywhere including in the most distant quasars. This prediction is inconsistent with the big bang theory. It is confirmed by the mysterious discovery of iron in quasars seen at the fringes of the observable universe.

The theory of interaction shows that the discovered mechanism accounting for enigmatic increase of the length of the day as the Earth ages also explains the cosmic redshift, created as the light ages on the long way from the distant galaxies. The discovered scale independent pattern of unifying interaction is the all-explaining mode of creation that works similarly at all scales. Space and time are how we see found multiscale sources of unifying interaction that depending on their sizes create what we see as space, time and everything else.

The theory of interaction shows the meaning of creation and what we are supposed to do in the discovered firework universe, which is the long-sought complete and self-consistent picture of reality. We are living on the surface of huge nucleus called Earth doing what the space bodies do at their scales – couple to unfold the interaction (energy) packed in them. The theory of interaction shows that everybody does the same at its scales. It contracts and expands, accumulates its environment and frees it at smaller similar scales. It feeds on its environment and creates smaller similar ones in its structure. It can be a galaxy ejecting stars from its active galactic nucleus or a form of life similarly contracting and expanding at scales of its own to digest its environment and spawn smaller ones. So the energy is running downhill as it creates smaller elements from finite larger ones.

Learn how everything works. Tell your friends and make this world a place of love and understanding. Tackle hard problems like cancer, AIDS, aging etc. in terms of revealed patterns of unifying interaction! Make inventions that will improve the quality of life! Think big! Get the whole picture and live in a harmony with the discovered universal design!

If you agree that every body has origin, structure and source, then the book Theory of Interaction the Simplest Explanation of Everything is for you. If you prefer to believe in structureless particles, born from mysterious matter antimatter asymmetry, created in even more mysterious big bang that allows appearance of deeply confusing singularity, then you may stick to your believes and miss the next scientific revolution. Self-consistent reasoning is better than belief. Sticking to scientific believes under the pressure of convincing arguments makes one ridiculous.

The famous mathematician David Hilbert (1862-1943) argued that the lack of contradiction is the only criterion for true and existence of the objects defined in the axiomatic basis of given theory. Hence the lack of contradiction with one's existence, its discovered structure – the hierarchical 3D-spirally-faster-inward-oscillating code of reality, sets the true and existing basic objects for the all-explaining theory of interaction. The revealed self-reproducing hierarchical code of reality presents new basic framework for true and simple understanding of everything.

Nature is completely understood only in the framework of its discovered building blocks. This is the framework of the theory of interaction. This theory studies the properties of the discovered all-building, faster inward oscillating, 3D-spiral bricks of basic matter. The mathematical description of these basic bricks at the scales of the interaction that builds the process of observation is similar to that of the well-known and well-tested laws and principles of the classical and quantum theories.

The found hierarchical 3D-spirally-faster-inward-oscillating code of reality will not end science, as some shortsighted people may like to think. This most fundamental discovery is similar to the findings that the Earth is round and rotates around its axis. These findings did not end the Earth science. They simply put this science in a proper framework and thus secured its progress. Similarly, the most basic framework presented by the theory of interaction guarantees the advance in all fields of science.

About the Author

Eugene Savov, physicist, author of the book Theory of Interaction the Simplest Explanation of Everything, Geones Books, 2002.


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