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Interview Skills That Attract Offers


An interviewer’s mission is to assess your qualifications compared to the other candidates interviewed. Asking you questions is their way of accomplishing that mission. Preparing meaningful responses in advance is your way of impressing the interviewer.

Be prepared to talk about your skills, competencies, qualifications and accomplishments especially as they pertain to the specific opening. Know how to state your likes and dislikes, your strengths, weaknesses and goals succinctly and fluently.

Especially know how to convey the value you bring to the table – the strengths, unique gifts and marketable assets that are distinctly yours. If you want to stand out in the huge ocean of candidates that represents your competition, you must be prepared to state how you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

You must be able to respond appropriately to the question of why you left your previous position, assuming you left voluntarily. No matter how challenging your supervisor was or how grueling the workload, you must frame your response in a positive light.

Make sure you do not discuss salary. Interviewers are aware of average job salaries and want to be sure you are in the ballpark. However, their knowing your salary history or requirements can disqualify you or lock you in to compensation that does not match your worth. If asked, you can simply state that your salary is negotiable.

While your answers will help the interviewer assess your skills for the position at hand, it’s how you respond that more importantly determines your overall fit with the company. Personality is ninety percent of the battle. You may answer a question in a qualifying way, but your attitude could be telling them no.
t the outset, you must establish a rapport with your interviewer and maintain the chemistry between you throughout the meeting. You could be the most qualified candidate for the position, but the person with whom the interviewer feels the most comfortable gets the offer.

Be prepared to ask your own questions - about the position itself, the company and opportunities for your own growth. This allows you to quickly assess the viability of your pursuing the position further. An interviewer may like you, especially because of your questions, and want you to continue through subsequent interview stages; however, you may decide the job is not for you.

Come to the interview dressed appropriately, and on time. Your handshake needs to be firm but not gripping. Eye contact must be maintained throughout the interview. Sit upright in your chair and try not to shift your posture too much. Remember, you’re there to sell yourself; before the interview is over, make sure you ask for the offer. Fully prepared, you will come away a success.

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About the Author

David Richter is a recognized authority on career coaching. His extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years in recruitment, outplacement and career management has allowed David to formulate powerful strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers. David holds Masters in both Engineering and Counseling Psychology. Visit David's site for free tips, strategies and other career resources http://www.procareercoach.com


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