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Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults


Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults: A Must in the Business World
by Alberta S. Johnson


Over and over, research shows that kids who receive art lessons
while they are young become more imaginative and creative adults.
As you may know, creativity is an essential part of intelligence,
and is often used as a gauge for measuring IQ.

With increasing demands being placed upon schools, teachers, and
youth groups to educate our kids in the three R's, education in
the arts has begun to suffer in many areas of the country in
favor of the "more important" or "more practical" subjects.

What people need to understand is that art education in schools
IS important, and in fact essential to form well-rounded adults.
In the business world, for example, people who are creative are
much more likely to find success.  Creativity allows for
innovation, a vital characteristic in today's business executive.
To stay ahead of the game, for example, a business must be able
to initiate and adapt to change.  Both of these things are
impossible without creativity, which is best learned at an early

Any successful business starts with an idea, and a good idea is
innovative, different, and creative.  It speaks to a certain
audience and makes people stand up and take notice.  If you lack
the creativity to come up with such an idea, you're not likely to
do very well.

Now, consider some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in
recent history.  What do they all have in common?  Creativity;
creativity that must be instilled at an early age, and is most
effectively taught in school.

Art lessons are very time consuming to prepare, and many teachers
feel that they lack the artistic ability or creativity to teach
art.  The reality is however, that they really don't need to be
creative geniuses themselves to teach art in their classrooms.

Educators who feel that help is needed can turn to plenty of
outside sources for aid.  By doing just a little bit of homework
themselves, teachers and parents can find people, groups, and
even companies who are ready and willing to come to the rescue.
Taking advantage of this help can save hours of time and energy,
and provide a much-needed educational benefit.

Author Alberta S. Johnson is an art educator who understands the
importance of art lessons in schools.  Her company,
K6ArtLessonPlans.com makes fully-planned art lessons available to
educators and parents on a weekly basis.  For more information,
see http://www.k6artlessonplans.com

About the Author

Alberta Johnson has been teaching k-6 gr. art for over 28 years. Her web site makes fully-planned art lessons, with national goals, assessments, and color photos available to educators and parents on a weekly basis.  For more information, visit


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